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This should get some people on here,


I was pool born and raised so it’s my first love, Billiards though is like some exotic temptress doing an alluring belly dance. Lets all face is boys Billiards players seem to be about 100 stone lighter than pool players. Darts is the training ground for pool players as gymnastics is the training ground for Billiards. Strange though as pool players walk the equivalent of twice round Britain over a league season where as Billiards players do the equivalent of stretching for the TV Remote.


Pool is like an advert for condoms with the amount of safety and foreplay where as Billiards is more about playing with your self, Guess that’s why so many players wear glasses. Though Billiards players go for the central hole as opposed to the one between the side cushions like pool players. Pool players do it is a circular motion where as Billiards players just bend over and get on with it, Guess its all about lifestyle choice eh.

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After a very lucky call up to the full Eastbourne intercounty elite I was bought back down to earth with a crash bang wallop. Well played Hurts Arms. well played indeed.


Only in the world of Billiards and the mentaly insane do we find an obscure deja vue moment, Being that we will see the hurst arms in the league again next week. Our captain rob has done very well to acquire the sponsorship for the team by WD40, he made the most of the benifits by over spraying the wee little wells on the table last night,

The balls doing there best impression of Boy racers doughnuting around Shinewater roundabout.

In the words though of that ever so slightly scary peodophilic clown that works in McDonalds, 'I'm Lovin It'.

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